What This Is

Hello, this is blog

The idea here is like this. Designing games is pretty cool, but it seems like the “state of the art” is advancing in a kind of fitful, disordered way. So, I’m going to try to figure out a good way to break the process down and study it piece by piece.

In general, this will come in the form of me choosing a (possibly compressed version of a) game with a mechanic that is good, bad, interesting, or otherwise worth messing with, and we’ll test alternative ways it could be done. Sometimes I’ll propose the rule variants; if I can’t think of any, I might ask for suggestions. Then, we’ll playtest the variants we come up with and discuss the results here.

For logistical sanity, we’ll stick to games that can be played all the way through in under 10 minutes, and don’t require any rare or specific pieces. Playing cards, tokens, dice, meeples, and boards you can draw in pen should hopefully cover it. We’ll also stick to solitaire or 2-player games where possible.

I’m looking forward to testing with you all! The first game and mechanics proposal will be out shortly.